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Poems about Fathers

    A Father's Wish

    I may fail to be as clever

      as my neighbor down the street,
    I may fail to be as wealthy
      as some other men I meet,
    I may never win the glory
      which a lot of men have had,
    But I've got to be successful
      as a little fellow's dad.

    There are certain dreams I cherish
      which I'd like to see some true,
    There are things I would accomplish
      when my time of life is through,
    But the task my heart is on
      is to guide a little lad
    And to make myself successful
      as that little fellow's dad.

    I may never come to glory,
      I may never gather gold,
    Men may list me with the failures
      when my business life is told,
    But if he who follows after
      shall be manly, I'll be glad,
    For I'll know I've been successful
      as that little fellow's dad.

    It's the one job that I dream of,
      it's the task I think of most,
    If I fail that growing youngster,
      I'd have nothing else to boast;
    For though wealth and fame I'd gathered,
      all my future would be sad...
    If I failed to be successful
      as that little fellow's dad.

    - Author Unknown

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