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Quotations about Fathers:
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  • "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."
    - Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

  • "Middle Age"
    At forty-five,
    What next, what next?
    At every corner,
    I meet my Father,
    My age, still alive."
    - Robert Lowell

  • "Praise, my soul, the King of heaven"
    Father-like, he tends and spares us;
    Well our feeble frame he knows
    Praise him! Praise him!
    Widely as his mercy flows."
    - Henry Francis Lyte

  • "Attractive Etonians who go straight onto the Stock Exchange missing University on their fathers' advice: the raw material of the great bores.
    - Geoffrey Madan

  • "His father watched him across the gulf of years and pathos which always must divide a father from his son."
    - John Marquand

  • "Today, while the titular head of the family may still be the father, everyone knows that he is little more than chairman, at most, of the entertainment committee."
    - Ashley Montagu

  • "When one has not had a good father, one must create one."
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • "The fundamental defect of fathers is that they want their children to be a credit to them."
    - Bertrand Russell

  • "Words
    There is no good father, that's the rule. Don't lay the blame on men but on the bond of paternity, which is rotten. To beget children, nothing better; to have them, what iniquity!"
    - Jean-Paul Sartre

  • "A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father."
    - Gabriel García Márquez

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